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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring VS2 Clarity Grade

This is Mike Nekta in the New York City Diamond District. In this video we’re looking at Princess Cut center Stone which is 2.05. The color is completely colorless. It has a VS2 Clarity grade and it’s set in accustomed made mounting from the side under the main diamond you see  one round slipper diamond and then on the side. It’s a combination of two sizes of diamonds so it creates like a sandwich look.

With bigger diamonds in the middle and surrounded by micro pave. With a certificate from the laboratory, with free appraisal, also a lifetime warranty with cleaning service and free upgrade in the future.

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Retune on Investment in Diamonds

Retune on investment in diamonds.

Sometimes I hear people day they want to get I higher grade since they feel it will appropriate in value or will give a better ROI over long term.

The truth is most of the time a diamond that is average gem quality diamond appropriated in value at a more rapid rate than for example the D Internally Flawless . The reasons the demand for the H VS2 was higher over the last 10, 15 and 20 years.

H-VS2 is more marketable compared to D-IF both look the same to the naked eye buy H-VS2 cost less.

Any color closer F-G-H
And clarity VS2- SI1 is a cash Cow always easy to sell.

The D internally Flawless and qualities close to it are harder to sell and liquidate since the price is so high .