Celtic Wedding Bands Custom Made by Mike Nekta

Celtic style wedding man by my connect in the New York City diamond district custom-made heavyweight gold wedding.

One of the only parts of the wedding that stays with you forever is your wedding band custom-made handmade wedding bands last lifetime and are passed down from generation to generation.

These wedding bands are handmade and made from solid gold two-tone white gold sandblasted center and the yellow gold edge high polished. Made by Mike Nekta in the New York City diamond district for more information call 212-921-4647 or visit http://www.MikeNekta.com

Testimonial & referral from Geneva

Testimonial & referral from Geneva

Dear Mike,
Last year I bought a 3-stone ring from you (video below, to refresh your memory!) and I am very satisfied with your work.

A friend of mine, [name edited out for privacy], copied here, is looking for something special for her mum and I have strongly recommended you.

She will get in touch with you to better explain what she is looking for and I hope you’ll do good business together as we did!

I still have the idea of coloring my brilliant-cut diamond and set it in a halo setting, so I will contact you again in the near future!

Thank you very much,

Have a great day,

C. Nannei

(Geneva, Switzerland)

2013 Fantasy bra by Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is at it again.
This year’s Fantasy Bra is a trim little $10 million number that features a 52-carat ruby. It will be worn with a matching belt in the finale of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on CBS December 10. The 2013 VSFB is worth four times more than last year’s, but $5 million less than the Guinness Book record-holder, which in 2000 contained the breasts of mega-model Gisele Bundchen. Breasts are a Victoria’s Secret stock-in-trade, of course, and arguably the principal reason why 9 million people or so watch the annual fashion show on TV. It is worth noting that bra-clad breasts were not allowed on television at all until 1987. Progress or the decline of civilization?


Radiant Rectangular “Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond” 10 Carat Each

Radiant Rect - Fancy Intense Yellow Matching Pair

People are fascinated with something rare and exotic. And one of gems that catches the interest of  people is the yellow diamond.

Because there is a sense with newness and rarity, yellow diamonds are still relatively novel for most people.

What makes a fancy yellow diamond rare?

The common answer from most of people is how large, clean and colorless the diamond is. This is only partially true.  In nature, diamonds are found in nearly every color and some colored stones are far rarer and sought after than colorless stones.

Fancy yellow diamond are rare as they are and have been gaining popularity and are gradually becoming more and more available in the jewelry trade. The depth of colour on “Fancy Intense Yellow” is hard to beat in any other stone and cannot be mistaken for other lesser yellows like lemon yellow or just fancy yellow.

The most important factor in evaluating a fancy yellow diamond is the richness and beauty of the colour. The very colour of fancy yellow coloured diamonds also makes them more complicated to cut properly. Fancy coloured diamonds have their own demands for the diamond cutter. The cutter must endeavour to cut the diamond to assist light entering to produce the most intense display colour.

“The goal when cutting a fancy coloured diamond is to bring out of the most colour”

Mike Nekta Engagement Rings & Bridal Jewelery carries a fine collection of beautiful and rare fancy yellow diamond engagement rings and fancy yellow diamond earrings and bridal jewelry. And one of the favorite collections is the Radiant rectangle matching pair of earrings that is certified Fancy intense yellow – a very vibrant yellow color in Clarity grading of VS2 in 10.24 carat and Clarity grading of VS1 in 10.91 carat weight with an exceptional cut that is so rich and beautiful.

An extremely deep and vibrant fancy intense yellow color and practically flawless!

If you wish to acquire this fancy intense yellow diamond pair or just like to know more about fancy coloured diamonds, don’t hesitate to call (212) 921-4647 today or visit: http://mikenekta.com/