A single appearance on Sunday’s Oscars could cost a million bucks.

History does not record exactly when jewelers started paying movie stars serious money to wear their designs at awards shows. But Hollywood jeweler Marvin Katz dates the phenomenon to 2005, when “Someone from an international jewelry house said, ‘Which celebrities are you paying to wear your jewelry?’ I thought he was joking.” These days, nobody’s laughing at the six- and even seven-figure fees big-name jewelers such as Tiffany and Louis Vuitton reportedly pay for a single appearance on the red carpet. Jennifer Lawrence may have received $1 million to wear Chopard during last year’s awards season, but Vanity Fair reports that Chinese jewelry designer Anna Hu paid Gwyneth Paltrow that much to wear a single diamond cuff one time to the 2012 Oscars. Anne Hathaway reportedly got nearly that — $750,000 — to wear Tiffany on the 2011 Oscars. Representatives for both actresses have denied these reports, but there’s no question that a lot of money changes hands in the borrowed-jewelry game. Vanity Fair breaks down the starter-fee scale: “Since most photographs tend to be close-ups of a star’s face, a star would be paid, say, $125,000 for wearing earrings, $75,000 for wearing a necklace, $50,000 for wearing a bracelet, and $25,000 for wearing a ring.”

Look Beautiful Without Having the Need To Scratch Your Skin from Time to Time!

Looking for the appropriate jewelry that will make you look gorgeous and fabulous without irritating your skin can actually be a dare for many people. A lot of jewelry makers and factories utilize metal alloys that bring allergic reactions to some people’s sensitive skin, for them to lower their costs of production. Thus, opting for the hypoallergenic types of jewelry will absolutely help you achieve the fabulousness that you’ve been dreaming of without the risk of having a problem with your skin. Loads of troubles have been resolved by the modern technology. And luckily, one of it was the implementation of hypoallergenic materials that are now used in making dazzling jewelry to make you look beautiful and allergy free. Let’s find out where we can find those elegant pieces of materials. 

The Hypoallergenic Fine Jewelry

Pieces of Jewelry, as personal collections, are one of the perfect and ideal gifts for occasions, celebrations and other kinds of formal events. The following pieces are also suitable to match with diamonds and gemstones.  To start of the list is the 14-Karat Gold. Opting for the pieces that are higher than 14-Karat, is a wise investment. Usually, those that possess lower contain other metal alloys and nickel which can cause allergy. Second one is the Platinum. Its appearance is usually silvery-white and absolutely hypoallergenic. The third one in the finest hypoallergenic list is the Argentium Sterling Silver. For copper, argentium is a hypoallergenic substitute. And last but totally not the least, is the Palladium. The Palladium is a type of white-gold jewelry. Palladium is somehow similar to Platinum. However, it is a kind of jewelry that is less expensive and good thing about it is that, it is less likely to cause skin irritations and allergies when worn. 

Now that you have the ideas on what type of jewelry you should be purchasing to avoid infuriating your skin, you should now be aware of it every time you look for an elegant piece to match with your diamonds and other gemstones. The next thing to know is: where can we find them?

The Elegant & Hypoallergenic Pieces 

Seeking for hypoallergenic pieces of jewelry that will not harm your skin but will still make you look elegant and stunning is one of the dilemmas that we may face on the lookout for those materials. Mike Nekta, a third Generation diamond expert and jewelry designer who specializes in making handcrafted diamond rings and other bridal jewelry, offers pieces that are purely made from Palladium that is known to be a better option for those people who are allergic to other precious and alloy metals. Not only he provides stunning and elegant pieces of Palladium, but he also creates striking pieces of platinum, white gold yellow gold, and rose gold. Mike Nekta’s collection symbolizes sophistication, elegance, and flair. From design to distribution, he provides utmost integrity in every step. 


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