About Mike Nekta written in 2012

Mike Nekta is a third generation diamond expert and jewelry designer. Since 1999 Mike Nekta has created numerous beautifully detailed diamond engagement rings, wedding bands out of the New York City Diamond District. Mike Nekta is very skilled in creating handcrafted, diamond engagement rings and bridal jewelry with the unique touch of Mike Nekta design. In 2004 Mike Nekta Created the Nekta Watch Collection boasting some of the globes most sought after fashion forward diamond watches.

Professional service and great selection in Manhattan call or visit Mike Nekta for a free 20 minute diamond consultation. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Mike Nekta can help.

Since 1974, NEKTA’s family has been a staple in the New York City Jewelry and diamond district, serving the general public as well as other resellers around the globe. A family business with a humbling beginning that grew into a successful wholesaler/retailer in the infamous New York Diamond District. Mike Nekta’s goal is to stay on the innovative and provide the best and most updated designs using the most updated production techniques available to provide the very best designs and craftsmanship. When asked “What would you say is the key to your business success over the past 38 years? Mike Nekta Replies “We are a major player in the Jewelry capital of the world, people expect innovations from us, and that is what we are constantly developing and that is how we stay 5 – 10 years ahead of other jewelers.”

Mike Nekta’s collection epitomizes elegance and flair, providing utmost integrity in every step from design to distribution. All the diamonds in our jewelry are sources in and ethically and responsibly.

Services Offered

Search Loose Diamond database over 100,000 stones

Micro pave Engagement Rings

Large Diamond Engagement Rings

Wedding Rings engraving

Diamond Rings

Rare watch locator

Interest free financing available.

Certified Diamonds

Custom made jewelry

Gemologist on staff, free consultation with Mike Nekta

Genuine quality always guaranteed:

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