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Mike Nekta has created numerous Beautiful detail oriented diamond engagement and diamond wedding bands. No Diamond is too big for Mike Nekta, for the past decade, Mike Nekta has specialized in larger sized diamonds. Schedule free consultation +(212) 921-4647

What does Lilly Ghalichi’s new diamond Engagement ring look Like?

The picture below is the first publicly released image of the Lilly Ghalichi’s 15 carat Pear -Shaped sparkler made by Mike Nekta follow @mike_nekta on Instagram or call (212) 921-4647 for free advice on Engagement rings.

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Adele’s 1st Son Birthday: Penmanship of “Mummy” in Gold Necklace

Regardless of her being a total apprentice UK jewelry designer in the business has already achieved the customer bonanza with her latest custom-made pieces for singer, composer, and superstar Adele. The necklace features Adele’s own penmanship in gold that spells out the word “Mummy” in honor of her son’s first birthday. The U.K Jewelry designer turned down herself from commenting on her well-known client, who recently posted snapshots of the necklace and its companion bracelet on Twitter. But the designer shared some information about the process of making the wonderful and astonishing jewelry.

“The client hand writes the word and I take a print and put it straight onto metal. Then I saw it out of its frame of metal and work on it in more detail.” U.K Jewelry designer stated.

Another jewelry expert in New York is Mike Nekta, who creates customized necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings or any pieces of jewelry. He is a third generation jewelry expert in New York has built his reputation on over 100 carats of diamond necklace wore by Lilly Ghalichi of Shahs of Sunset. Lilly Ghalichi is a Persian fashion designer, attorney, blogger and T.V star who has a net worth of $2.5 million. In an interview of “Live by Bravo Show” hosted by Andy Cohen, obviously the host noticed the elegance and eye-catching loveliness of Lilly Ghalichi’s necklace. According to the Persian model it was a custom made necklace with her favorite colors.

To attract a more high-end clientele and meet the increased demand from existing customers and burnish his diamond Jewelry, Engagement Rings and Bridal Jewelry brands, Mike Nekta stay innovative and provide the best and most updated designs using the most update production techniques available to provide the very best designs  and craftsmanship.

Apart from being expert in creating custom made necklaces for different special occasion, Mike Nekta also believes that the customer service is the overall activity of identifying, satisfying and establishing customer needs. That’s why his giving and doing his 100 % best to provide the utmost integrity in every step from design to distribution.

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2013 Fantasy bra by Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is at it again.
This year’s Fantasy Bra is a trim little $10 million number that features a 52-carat ruby. It will be worn with a matching belt in the finale of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on CBS December 10. The 2013 VSFB is worth four times more than last year’s, but $5 million less than the Guinness Book record-holder, which in 2000 contained the breasts of mega-model Gisele Bundchen. Breasts are a Victoria’s Secret stock-in-trade, of course, and arguably the principal reason why 9 million people or so watch the annual fashion show on TV. It is worth noting that bra-clad breasts were not allowed on television at all until 1987. Progress or the decline of civilization?


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This summer keep big fat street chain in

This summer keep big fat street chain in your jewelry box. The new look is smaller and more power full diamond “Trinkets” in time for the holiday weekend. On shorter chains 22 or 24 inch. see the new post @ http://ow.ly/5v6PS Mike Nekta