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Mike Nekta has created numerous Beautiful detail oriented diamond engagement and diamond wedding bands. No Diamond is too big for Mike Nekta, for the past decade, Mike Nekta has specialized in larger sized diamonds. Schedule free consultation +(212) 921-4647

Blue Diamond Beauty Available

Add this beautiful vivid greenish blue diamond to your collection. Up for grabs is this extremely symmetrical pear-shaped diamond weighing in at 1.58 carats. According to the GIA the color is graded as Vivid Greenish Blue with VS2 Clarity.
Fancy colored blue, pink,orange , green and yellow diamonds are gaining popularity and their prices are rising every year. Records are broken for highest price paid for a diamond on auction every year at Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions for vivid color the diamond such as this one.

Mike Nekta is a third-generation Diamond Dealer available to you too source any of these types of diamonds in the New York City diamond district. “I can’t stop looking at this diamond” Say Mike Nekta, “it’s color is awesome one of my favorite colors I’ve ever seen a diamond in my entire career”

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GIA Cushion 2.02ct+1.72ct+1.50ct. Light Blue IF / VVS2 / VS1 Sale Prices.

GIA Cushion 2.02ct+1.72ct+1.50ct. Light Blue IF / VVS2 / VS1 Sale Price

Attached Photos and certs.
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DmHnN-BL82 Cushion 1.50ct Light blue VVS2 $25,000 per ct cash deal one price.

DmHnN-BL80 Cushion 2.02ct Light blue VS1 $30,000 per ct cash deal one price.
DmHnN-BL83 Cushion 1.72ct. Very Light Blue IF $29,500 per ct cash deal one price

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10 Carat Round Diamond | Jewelry New York | Diamond Rings

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This lovely 10 Carat Round Diamond features 10 carat round diamond only from Mike Nekta’s Diamond Ring Collections. If you want to purchase this magnificently designed diamond ring, Call:(212) 921-4647 or visit http://MikeNekta.com today!

Comparing To Princess Cut Diamonds Approximately 4 Carats

5 Argyle pink diamonds for investment

Attached 5 Stones Argyle pinks 1 stones from Last 2013 with the new design Argyle Cert
Business deal all 5 stones together for $27,500 per ct
For any fancy colors Pink,Blue,Yellow,Green,Brown and Argyle Pinks let me know 917-570-3112 Mike Nekta NYC