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Mike Nekta has created numerous Beautiful detail oriented diamond engagement and diamond wedding bands. No Diamond is too big for Mike Nekta, for the past decade, Mike Nekta has specialized in larger sized diamonds. Schedule free consultation +(212) 921-4647

What are Oprah Winfrey’s Ultimate Ultimate Favorites?

She’s a New Yorker and left the practice of law and preferred to stay-at-home mom with three kids and does a jewelry-making hobby.  Her name is Susan Hanover. In the year 2005, her very first collection was picked up by Henri Bendel, and because of that it’s been all Bloomie’s and Nieman’s and special orders to Beyonce. The newest accolades of her were: Hanover’s colorful drop earrings (with an amount of $220 the pair) which have been selected by Oprah Winfrey. Yes, Oprah Winfrey has selected this pair of earring as her “ultimate ultimate” favorite things.

Now what do u do if you like the style and design concepts of this popular earring , but you are not the type of woman that feels comfortable wearing costume Jewelry? If you have a reputation that doesn’t allow u to wear sterling silver and crystals for evening wear then Mike Nekta , Jewelry Expert in New York has a custom made version with real white good, genuine Russian cut diamonds and semi precious gemstones .

Want to know more about his excellent craft? Feel free to call (212) 921-4647

Celtic Wedding Bands Custom Made by Mike Nekta

Celtic style wedding man by my connect in the New York City diamond district custom-made heavyweight gold wedding.

One of the only parts of the wedding that stays with you forever is your wedding band custom-made handmade wedding bands last lifetime and are passed down from generation to generation.

These wedding bands are handmade and made from solid gold two-tone white gold sandblasted center and the yellow gold edge high polished. Made by Mike Nekta in the New York City diamond district for more information call 212-921-4647 or visit http://www.MikeNekta.com

Mike Nekta In His 5 Carat Square Emerald Cut Diamond

When you search on the internet about Diamond Engagement Rings New York, Mike Nekta of Leon Diamond is one of the results you will find. You can also read a lot of 5-star rating review about him.

But there’s more why Mike Nekta is said to be extraordinary in terms of “Jewelry New York”.

Like Fashion, Jewelry is all about expressing yourself. Whether you love bold, large diamonds, vintage jewelry, or dainty silver chains, wearing jewelry is a wonderful way to show off a little fashion flair that’s all about you and your personality.

When it comes to Jewelry design, Mike Nekta always said “it’s the minor details that make major differences”. And one of his specialties is the 5 Carat Square Emerald Cut Diamond a Vintage Style Micro. The emerald cut diamond is the most classic diamond shape and because of the elongated shape of an emerald cut diamond, it is often paired with accent stones specifically tapered baquettes and other emerald cuts. Asscher aka Square Emerald Cut Diamond 5 Carat on a Vintage Style Micro Pave by Mike Nekta is one of his best sellers diamond engagement rings in New York.

Who Is Mike Nekta?

Mike Nekta is an expert in creating customized diamond engagement rings, diamond rings, and bridal jewelry and eternity bands. With his expertise in creating breath-taking designs to numerous beautifully detailed diamond engagement rings, many people visit Mike Nekta. With his professional service and great selection in Manhattan, Leon Diamond boasts the finest inventory of the finest jewelry that you’ll find anywhere. He is a third generation diamond expert and most sought-after jewelry designer in New York. His goal is to stay innovative and provide the most modernized designs using the most updated production techniques available to provide the very best designs and craftsmanship.

What are the services offered?

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Mike Nekta of Leon Diamond is sure to have them. He guarantees that the diamond used are genuine quality, lifetime brilliance, splendid proportion and finely cut.

  • Search Loose Diamond database over 100,000 stones
  • Micro pave Engagement Rings
  • Large Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings engraving
  • Diamond Rings
  • Rare watch locator
  • Interest free financing available.
  • Certified Diamonds
  • Custom made jewelry
  • Gemologist on staff, free consultation with Mike Nekta
  • Professional jewelry designers on staff.

Going back the 5 carat square emerald cut diamond, the 5 Carat Square Emerald Cut Diamond a Vintage Style Micro, you can check it out at http://youtu.be/Kaiwk8tfoVw or visit his website at http://mikenekta.com. Speak with him at (212) 921-4647.

Comparing To Princess Cut Diamonds Approximately 4 Carats

Mike Nekta Diamond Solitaires


http://mikenekta.com Looking for classy jewelry in new york? Finding diamond solitaires? Visit Mike Nekta’s jewelry stores in New York. If you’re looking for diamond engagement rings, custom-made engagement ring or engagement ring sets. Mike Nekta can help!


High Quality Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Ring With 1.5 Carat Elongated Cushion

http://mikenekta.com Mike Nekta of New York City Diamond District also specializes the very popular Yellow diamonds and all other fancy colors. He also designs high quality, beautiful yellow diamond jewelry. To avail this fancy light yellow 1.5 Carat Elongated cushion diamond ring. Don’t hesitate to call  (212) 921-4647 or email at mikenekta@hotmail.com today!

Get The Unique Designs of Semi Mounts and Diamonds Semi-Mounts

http://mikenekta.com/ Mike Nekta has a gret variety of elegant, classic and trendy semi-mount rings and semi-mount diamond rings. Find great deals on Engagement Rings and Bridal Jewelry Collections of Mike Nekta for semi mounts and diamond rings.
Call (212) 921-4647 today for more info!

Private Label Watch Manufacture OEM

Establishment in 2003, NEKTA is a trend setting designer & manufacturer of OEM Private Label watches. We produce high quality watch products ranging from, sport, military, classic, digital, and gemstone watches, for our clients’ brand. NEKTA can produce more than 50 thousand watches per year for, about many hundreds of styles, and 100 pcs real working sample for reference. Our products have been sold in all major markets worldwide.

Over the years NEKTA has build strong relationships for sourcing the most reliable watch components from Switzerland as well as Japan. Our factory is also equipped with advanced testing facilities from Switzerland. Each product produced by the NEKTA is to be strictly tested through many working procedures to ensure the quality.

With the spirits of “Customer First” NEKTA always adhere to the managing principles of “Winning the markets with newest products excellent quality and best services” Our goal is to meet all of our client’s needs with perfection. The NEKTA client have unlimited access to the professional services marketing experts, macro photographers, as well as print & digital media designers.

Mike Nekta, lead designer and partner at NEKTA, knew at a young age that he was destined to be a part of the watch business. While growing up in Queens, New York, he became interested in timepieces through his grandfather, father and uncle, who had long careers as watchmakers and jewelry designers in Russia. His father set up shop in the Jewelry district about 30 years ago and the rest is history.

Very early on, Mike would often visit the shop and when he became older, he would work there during summers off from school. He officially began his tenure in the industry in his fathers’ shop in 1999. Mike credits his family with his knowledge and skill, whom he kept a close eye on while they worked. After becoming GIA certified, he’d built his self-confidence and a solid foundation in the jewelry industry. He was now ready for his next challenge as an entrepreneur.

After many requests from private clients seeking something “new” in the ultra saturated watch market, the idea for Nekta watches was born. Mike created the Nekta Watch Collection with a strong belief in combining the beauty of a fashion product with the best Swiss watch making techniques.

What is right for one person’s wrist may not be for another. In early 2004 the Nekta Watch Collection was completed around this philosophy. With a very diverse and trend setting selection of timepieces available, Nekta embrace the idea that no two people are the same and, consequently, no two people’s tastes and timepiece needs are either. For this reason, the company has proven itself by creating an innovative collection of high-end and fashion forward watches, under the NEKTA brand name.

While marketing the Nekta watch Mike Nekta was able to secure many, vital contact, in regards to product placement, in print media, as well as key retail locations. The Nekta Watch Collection also brought about the attention of some fashion brands which requested the collaboration of Mike Nekta in the development of their Brand’s own line of watches. Nekta Watches have been featured in numerous magazines.

Nekta timepieces are crafted to the highest possible standard of quality. Designs range from the voluminous and classic block faces of the King collection made popular by Italian moda, to the exquisite, shimmering and diamond clustered glitz of the Jasmine collection. The incredibly elegant and stunning Magic collection is unique and forward in design and the oblong shaped beauty of the Jumbo Luna, inspired by an age Old Russian classic timepiece known as kirpeach, will garner much attention for its wearer. And finally, the Empire with its bold face, sparkling bezel, this piece will be certain to dazzle. Nekta offers a wide range with a little something for everyone.

Nekta frames each of their magnificent creations with polished casings and rugged construction to accent the intricacies of the watch face itself. Hand set diamonds adorn their most beautiful timepieces, along with interchangeable bands that are offered in a wide array of colors and materials ranging from exotic skins to polyurethane. The choice of faces, include flat or faceted crystal lens and all help to distinguish the Nekta watch brand. The King and Jumbo Luna, feature moon phase, chronograph and date function. The Magic and Empire feature a chronograph and alarm with day and date functions and last but certainly not least, the Jasmine which boasts a dual time face. The collection is also available with diamond bezel and full pave diamond options and Magic features an interchangeable bezel, for the fashion conscious client who wants options. The entire collection also features deployment buckle and of course Swiss movement.

For the bolder client, Mike Nekta, designer of Nekta Watches is introducing lemon steel, honey steel or smoke steel variations into the collection. The steel used for the cases, goes through a special process during production that gives it that shimmering of yellow, rose, gray or even black tone. “It’s all about the price point” says Mike Nekta, “Nekta watches is a fashion watch brand, our client already owns their share of famous watch brands. The options I offer, allows the client some room to play. Mixing and matching bands and case colors is what the Nekta collection of fashion watches is all about”.

The Nekta watches are guaranteed for up to 5 years and are priced from $420 to $33,800. The collection has been sold at fine retailers across the country, such as Saks Fifth Avenue.

For over four generations, the fine craftsmen and talents of the Nekta family of watchmakers and fine jewelers were on a quest for perfection and beauty. This tradition continues today into the next generation, with Mike Nekta.

Mike’s enthusiasm and belief in his company is apparent in his designs and capabilities to create successful watch products. Following a long family tradition in combination with a youthful and refreshing approach, Mike Nekta and NEKTA would certainly be the Company to take your fashion brand to the next level.

To Contact NEKTA Call +1 (212) 921-4647 or email mike.nekta@gmail.com