Retune on Investment in Diamonds

Retune on investment in diamonds.

Sometimes I hear people day they want to get I higher grade since they feel it will appropriate in value or will give a better ROI over long term.

The truth is most of the time a diamond that is average gem quality diamond appropriated in value at a more rapid rate than for example the D Internally Flawless . The reasons the demand for the H VS2 was higher over the last 10, 15 and 20 years.

H-VS2 is more marketable compared to D-IF both look the same to the naked eye buy H-VS2 cost less.

Any color closer F-G-H
And clarity VS2- SI1 is a cash Cow always easy to sell.

The D internally Flawless and qualities close to it are harder to sell and liquidate since the price is so high .